May I use the music for my game, video, ...?

You would like to use the music for your audio play, video game, video project or other projects? Sounds interesting!

Please ask via e-mail for permission. Provide a short description of your project and how you would like to use the music. Also mention if it is a commercial or non-commercial project - and the license you intend to use, like Common Creatives, public domain or else.

I will answer you as soon as possible. Then we can discuss the usage. For non-commercial projects, I will not take a fee, of course. However, just adding the tracks as they are to your project would not be allowed! It would be unfair to the supporters who purchased the music. Using the music as background for an audio play, where most of the track is overlayed by speech or else may be fine. Just ask via e-Mail, and we may find a way that works well! :D

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